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Fitness Benefits of CBD

The Fitness Benefits of CBD

As more states have legalized marijuana/cannabis for medicinal and eventually recreational purposes, CBD oil and other similar items stated here are becoming extremely prevalent, especially in the fitness industry.
However, many are questioning what are the benefits of CBD to fitness and whether it’s really effective. If you have the same question, then this article is for you.
What Really is CBD Oil, and How Does it Work?
Cannabis, popularly known as marijuana, contains a variety of chemicals, including cannabidiol or CBD. Cannabinoids are these chemicals, …

Protein Powder

Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powder

Any well-rounded gym enthusiast would know that lifting weights and buying protein powders is just one side of the entire process if you are trying to build bigger and stronger muscles. The type of diet that you pair with your fitness routine is also vital for you to successfully achieve your body goals.
For your body to build up muscle, it needs to grow new cells – and to grow cells, you need protein. Normally, the body consistently experiences a protein turnover, wherein new proteins are being produced by our body, especially during weight lifting. This leaves…

Vaping on Exercise

Effects of Vaping on Exercise

Truth be told, millions of people are embracing the habit of vaping and sportspeople and gym enthusiasts have not been left behind. It is recommended by Eurovap that If you are an athlete or frequent the gym regularly, it is only normal for you to be curious whether vaping can impact your workout efficiency.
Vaping has milder consequences than smoking cigarettes which can be detrimental to the health of your lungs and heart. This has seen a lot of people switch from smoking to vaping. In this article, we look at the effects of vaping with regard to exercise.
Effects of Smoking Tobacco …