Energy Group Fitness


Energy Group Fitness

Energy Group Fitness is Vancouver's gym alternative. Our awesome instructors are going to make you sweat! Each class will increase your endurance, strength, cardio and self-esteem regardless of your size, age or fitness level! We're a drop-in group fitness studio offering men and women an energetic, social and fun atmosphere.

All we do is group fitness! So if you like group fitness, want to try something new or want to change up your fitness routine, then check out our schedule and join us for one of our amazing classes! Try Group POWERR - "This class kicks booty!" says one of our members!

Getting started is easy! There are no long-term membership fees, time consuming guided tours, or heavy-duty sales pitches. We figure life is already busy enough, so working out should be the stress-free and enjoyable part of your day!


1555 West 7th Ave. (between Granville & Fir), Studio 227 - 7th Ave Dance Studio.
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"At last I have found an exercise class that gives you a fun, enjoyable and strenuous total body work out. Within one hour you work all your major muscle groups. The beauty is that you can work out at your own strength level and build up slowly while still feeling that you are part of the established group that is lead by a very motivating trainer."
~ Leslie