Sexy low cut jeans in many super low Brazilian cut styles. Tops, low cut panties, low cut military pants, bikinis, track suits & track jackets, yoga outfits, capris, shirts, shorts and more.
We have a contest for free clothes, free panties with each pant purchase. Our ultra low cut original one inch zipper are the worlds smallest hip huggers for junior & all ages.
We sell wholesale in the world. And also sell online. All of Dorinha's clothing made in Brazil.

“How low can you go?” The tag line for Dorinha Jeans Wear™ isn't rhetorical; the hug-you, low-slung women's denimwear line has enough stretch to spare for doing the limbo or the lambada with equal finesse. The soft, supple and sexy denimwear line's hipster designs, with “The original one-inch zipper”™ and flared leg, are also “so comfortable you could work out in them,” says Dorinha, designer of Dorinha Jeans Wear™.

Such a sizzling, dream combination of sex appeal, fashion and comfort should guarantee a hot sell, and Dorinha hoped her designs would be exactly that when they hit Below The Belt and Off The Wall stores in B.C. Originally set for a July 1st 2001 launch at both retail chains, the jeans are selling pronto; Below the Belt is already sold out of one style: A super low, 17" flare leg in bleach blue denim. The retail chains have ordered several styles, some slightly modified to spec; a favorite pick was a funky, checkered hipster flare-leg number in alternating medium and light stonewash squares. Dorinha says the sizes will range from 0-11, with the final retail price to be determined.

The lower back-baring and abs-revealing jeans come in a variety of finishes, designs and washes, many as exotic and inventive as Brazilian-born Dorinha herself. She says her goal was to create the ultimate women's jeans “because everybody wears jeans, but they're not always comfortable.” A desire for uniqueness inspires her designs: “I follow a fashion statement of my own, what I think is sexy and comfortable to wear, what makes me happy,” she says. “I want women to feel confident, to feel good about wearing [my jeans],” Dorinha adds. And her denimwear really does reflect a sense of individuality, with styles and designs that range from the funky and trend-conscious to the classic and downright sexy. Impishly, she points out that many of the designs come with large beltloops - accommodating her personal weakness for large, eye-catching, midriff-focusing belts.

Originally from Brazil, the petite dynamo has called Vancouver home for the past five years, where she has been active in the city's film and television industry. A long-held interest in fashion design and a recent trip to Brazil, as well as the desire to start her own business, sparked Dorinha to create her first pair of jeans. Within three months of returning from Brazil Dorinha had more than 20 designs and samples, her business partner (marketing director, photographer Dale R. Reynolds), her own company, the Dorinha Jeans Wear™ label and orders from Below The Belt and Off The Wall. Dorinha, who modeled the jeans herself while seeking retail representation, says the buyers at the two companies loved the jeans right away; one buyer went so far as to interrupt her boss in a meeting to show off the samples. “My first clients are very special to me; they opened the doors, received me with such excitement and gracefulness,” she adds, smiling.

Her initial success is the result of a lot of hard work, and is only the beginning as Dorinha intends her label to be much more than the flavor of the month. She plans to eventually expand her line to include more women's wear, men's jeans and possibly women's lingerie; as well as future promotional events like fashion shows and sending models wearing her designs to represent her label at social events about town.

From the start, Dorinha intended her clothing and its designs to reflect her Brazilian heritage. She says, with a wink, that she wanted to bring some of the passion, excitement and sensuality of her native country to her new home. Made from Brazilian-grown cotton, manufactured in Sao Paulo and designed with Latin flair, the jeanswear is as Brazilian as it gets.

Dorinha Jeans Wear™ is now available at Below The Belt and Off The Wall stores in the B.C. Mainland and Victoria,
as well as at Below the Belt in Edmonton. Also available at FAB in Vancouver.Hangers at Park Royal in West Vancouver and Soho at Park Royal in West Vancouver.

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