Evann Gentry - Fitness Instructor

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT:: This should be your year. The year you become stronger and faster. The year you gain the ultimate confidence and sex appeal. This is the year you prevail. From this point on, there will be nothing stopping you from getting the body you want.

Our military fitness trainers are here to motivate and challenge you with a series of educational and safe exercises. We have a proven format in an enjoyable outdoor setting: the beaches of Jericho and Spanish Banks. No stuffy gyms or free weights. Only pure oxygen and determination.

The Corporal Punishment four-week program exists to free you from stuffy gyms and unused membership fees. We workout 3 times a week for a 90min class - double the average time spent in a gym, and we provide you with constant feedback for the entire month.

Every session builds on the previous day, progressing slowly to allow the body time to adapt and build strength, endurance and stability. At the end of each month you will be put through the Soldiers Test to mark your progress and record real improvements.


Events are a way for you to have fun with your instructors and get to know everyone in a social setting. They help to build group dynamics and foster team spirit, both of which can improve your experience and results at Corporal Punishment.

Events will take place once a month at various locations and may include a barbecue on the beach, volleyball game, wine and cheese tasting and perhaps something more extreme such as rock climbing or kayaking.

These fun events are a perk for our members
only so if you want to be a part of this
extraordinary group, sign up today!


I have participated a couple of "bootcamp" style courses and always found something missing: Encouragement and support from a fitness instructor. Well I found it with Corporal Punishment. At the end of a session I actually feel that I've worked out. Isn't that the point? After only two weeks I began to notice a difference in my body shape and energy level. It was tough but fun! " ~ Stacy Weckesser

" I've changed so much with this training. I'm in fabulous shape, can run for miles and have made so many friends I can count on. The program is tough and the instructors certainly push you to your limits, but they'll make you proud of all your accomplishments. You'll get hooked just as I did! " ~ Lisa Scherba

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