Nutrition Information

Diet away cold sores
Doug Setter

They are easy to ignore until you bite into something hot, spicy or acidic (like an orange). Then you really know that you have a canker sore. When cankers are on the outside, like cold sores (herpes simplex), they become both irritable AND unsightly. As I have found out almost every year, the solution can be as close as your refrigerator. Certain foods that you eat will boost your immune system, encourage intestinal flora (good bacteria) and inhibit the herpes virus. Keep in mind that the herpes virus thrives with the amino acid arginine, but not with lysine. Therefore, it is important to lower your intake of arginine and increase your intake of lysine when you have canker or cold sores.


a.. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits except Brussels sprouts and corn (high in arginine).
b.. Yogurt
c.. Calf liver (once a week) or desiccated liver tablets
d.. Eggs (poached or soft boiled, but not fried)
e.. Fish (baked, poached or broiled)

Minimize or Omit

a.. Refined carbohydrates
c.. Fried foods and fatty meats
d.. Cookies, cakes, ice cream
e.. Gelatin (High in arginine)
f.. Chocolate
g.. Nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts)

SUPPLEMENTS Daily dosages

Lysine 1,000 mg. (Most Important)

Beta Carotene 20,000 IU

Vitamin C 2,000 mg.

Zinc (Citrate) 30 mg.

Selenium 200 mcg.

Vitamin E 250 IU

Bromelain 500 mg.


Griffith, R.S., DeLong, D.C. and Nelson J.D., (1981) "The Relationship of Arginine-Lysine Antagonism to Herpes Simplex Growth in Tissue Culture." Chemotherapy 27; 209-213.

Doug Setter,B.H.E. (B. of Human Ecology), is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. A former welter-weight kick-boxer and U.N. peacekeeper, he runs courses and workshops on fitness, martial arts and self-defense. He is the author of One Less Victim. He can be reached at (204) 720-0374