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Many trainers and coaches are very good at talking the talk, but fail miserably when it comes to walking the walk. Once they've entered the world of fitness management, they forget what it's like to make sacrifices in the pursuit of physical goals. They are comfortable giving out instructions, but slow to step up and lead by example.

It's easy to forget. A coach who truly understand what somebody is going through needs to remember the pain of putting everything on the line. Whether it's for a sport or for training, trainers or coaches need to be reminded of the need to make an all-out effort in order to make them better at what they do. First, they will better understand what their client needs, and second, the client will be inclined to give more when asked to.

As someone with a healthy competitive streak, I understand the level of dedication and work that is required to excel. It's extreme. Unfortunately, many people don't have what it takes to push discipline and will power to these extremes.

From time to time I like to challenge myself by stepping outside my comfort zone and purposely making things difficult. Since we're creatures drawn toward comfort, testing ourselves on occasion forces us to come to grips with being uncomfortable. This serves as a way of sticking to a promise we've made to ourselves, and of focusing upon being true to oneself by not folding.

I'm not like every other trainer out there and my training programs set me apart from those around me. When I say I'm going to do something, I take it upon myself to do it passionately and to do it right. I just get down and do whatever it takes.

That said, I expect all of my clients to work hard and to make a consistent effort. This doesn't mean that you're going to train like the person beside you, but it does means that, for your goal and body type, you will dedicate yourself to training as hard as you can to achieve success. It's my job to push you hard enough so that you test your limits both mentally and physically. And in the end you will become a stronger person.

I often wonder how many of the people I see during a typical day, walking down the street and driving through traffic, have ever pushed themselves really hard--have ever gone the distance in anything in their lives. For those who haven't, it also causes me to wonder me why they are satisfied with not working towards something, with not pushing themselves to discover new ways of improving their lives.

Dedication, hard work and consistency are the qualities that bring about change, and they are the key elements behind Maki Performance Training. Without them you can never hope to improve your body.

In health and fitness,

Maki Riddington





As a Shodan (black belt) ranked Judo instructor and with 14 years experience in varying martial arts, I rely on Maki Riddington's zero nonsense approach to weight training. He is able to sort through the myths and gimmicks and give me relevant techniques that produce results. Maki has helped me train around my injury's in a safe and effective manner. I consult Maki Riddington exclusively for all my Judo conditioning requirements.

- Sensei Brock Fingland of the East Side Judo Club

"Maki is an excellent personal trainer. In addition to building physical fitness, he is very good at detecting and analysing his client's bodily
ailment and then developing a special training program to cure the ailment."

- Cindy Lee CEO of T&T Supermarkets

"I'm a police officer who trains hard in the gym and plays a lot of sports, so I would say I was in pretty good shape to begin with. But when I decided to try out for the Emergency Response Team, I knew I needed to take things to another level. I decided to start training with Maki and I've never looked back since. He came up with a unique training regime for me that focused on functional strength and conditioning. As a result I feel as though I am in the best condition of my life. Thanks again Maki."

- Andrew Watt

I have known Maki for over 5 years and during that time I have had the opportunity to observe his extensive knowledge in the nutrition, supplementation and exercise physiology. Not only has Maki personally advised me on my own training program and nutrition he has also helped many of the members on achieve their fitness goals. In all of the time I have known Maki, his honesty and integrity comes out in everything he does and his passion to help others build better physiques is amazing. As the owner of Wannabebig and co-founder of AtLarge Nutrition I am proud to have Maki associated with both of these companies and would recommend him to anyone that is in search for better fitness results!

- Daniel Clough - owner of Wannabebig and co-founder of AtLarge Nutrition




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