Justin Opal is an internationally certified personal trainer. He is recognized for his qualifications by such organizations as the American Council on Exercise, National Coaching Certification Program, Optimum Health-For-Life as a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Schwinn Spinning™ Program, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, National Fitness Leadership Advisory Committee and the YMCA.

What sets Justin apart from other trainers is his lifelong passion for fitness. He has been involved in athletic activity and training since age twelve and is accomplished in track and field, cross-country running, cycling, skiing and inline skating. His diverse competitive background gives Justin a keen understanding of what is required to prepare for various sports. His gift for motivation and ability to break down a movement to its elemental components give you a strong training foundation.

Since becoming a fitness professional Justin has worked in partnership with physiotherapists in developing active rehabilitation plans for clients with various injuries. He is able to perform complete health assessments including body composition, cardiovascular endurance, target heart rate zones, muscular strength, flexibility and core stability. Justin has developed exercise programs for all levels of clients: from general health and wellness for the novice to annual periodization plans for competitive athletes. He is constantly updating his knowledge-base by attending training seminars and studying exercise journals. Justin continues to upgrade his certifications in order to remain at the forefront of the fitness industry.

With Justin's obvious passion for fitness all you'll need to do is book a session, bring your two feet and a heart beat. He will work within your individual needs to develop a customized training program geared to your health and fitness goals.

Training Philosophy
"I firmly believe that it is more important for your mind to be focused on the muscles you are contracting than to be counting repetitions or thinking about weight. In resistance training the goal is to move muscle not weight. Therefore, you should focus solely on your body and the muscles you are targeting, not the weight you are using. The results you will experience from this technique are far superior to just being able to move more weight.

"Resistance training can teach you much more than simply how to oppose an external force. You can also gain self-esteem and learn confidence, patience, and persistence from your efforts in the gym. Training is a wonderful part of my life and I truly enjoy motivating others to make it a part of their lives.

Visit Justin's website at www.opalathletics.com

Contact: 604-219-4075