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Right Workout Clothes

When you’ve finally decided to start an exercise plan, one of the first things that you prepare will be your workout clothes. Wearing the right workout clothes like custom t shirts Canada can make a big difference while working out. These workout clothes are designed to make working out easy and comfortable. Read on to know more about choosing the right workout clothes.

Wear Good Shoes

Wearing good and proper shoes can protect you from injuries. A well-cushioned shoe can help lessen the impact of your foot from heavy landings. The type of shoe you choose should depend on your exercise plan or the sport you play.

When buying a sports shoe, try it on with sports socks to make sure they fit well. Stand up and try to walk a short distance. It is recommended that you should have a half inch allowance between your big toe and the shoe. Check the flexibility of the shoe by bending it; the shoe should not be overly flexible because this may be a sign that it lacks support. For hygiene purposes, wear moisture-wick socks.

Wear Clothes that Fit Your Workout

The workout clothes your wear should vary depending on your type of workout. It is always nice to wear loose and comfortable clothes, but this should not always be the case. Do not wear anything that will prevent you from performing your exercise correctly. Loose and baggy clothes are not safe if you are using electronic equipment for the workout.

If you are attending a yoga class, wear a stretchy tight fitting outfit. For an extensive cardio routine, wear loose shorts and compression linings. If you are picky when it comes to the clothes you wear, you can search for shops that make custom t-shirts and other apparel. You can use custom fit workout clothes to ensure proper fitting.

Wear Clothes that Fit the Weather

If most of your exercise plans are outdoors, your workout clothes should change depending on the weather. This is also true if you are playing seasonal outdoor sports. Here are some tips when preparing workout clothes for the season.

Summer: Wear clothes made with breathable fabric, which are lightweight. These fabrics help reduce sweat, and they dry quickly. During summer or in any days, avoid using a cotton shirt; cotton is not the best choice for sweaty days.

Winter: Wear layers that you can be easily removed in case you feel hot. Wear clothes made of lightweight, synthetic fabric. This fabric will also wick moisture. Avoid wearing clothes made out of cotton. Cotton can easily absorb sweat, which will make you feel cold and chilly. Trapped moisture can increase the risk of hypothermia.

Also, if you are outdoors, always keep your safety in mind. For activities like biking or running at night, do not forget to wear reflective clothing.


Choosing the right workout clothes is an important part of your fitness plan, yet many seem to overlook it. This is definitely as important as finding the right exercise and diet that will work for your body type, so do consider the tips above.

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