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Location: ., Vancouver

Most people in the gym do a large portion of their exercises incorrectly. Exercises that are the most beneficial require supervised instruction over the course of multiple sessions to ensure proper technique. This decreases the chance of injury and increases the adaptive response of your body.

Personal Training packages are always meant to cater to the individual needs of the client. Clients have the option of supervised training as little as once per week, or as many times as four times per week. We can set up a flexible schedule that best suits your needs. Please contact me if you have any questions.

All Personal Training packages include the following:

1.55 minute sessions of individualized 1-on-1 training with a fitness professional (unless it is a group training package).

2.Exercise program design that is personalized to meet your needs and goals.

3.On-going progress monitoring with prescriptive adjustments as you improve.

4.Training in proper strength, core and cardiovascular training techniques to maximize your training time and avoid injury (both acute and chronic).

5.Training in the proper use of proprioceptive tools (Swiss ball, wobble boards, etc.) in order to achieve maximal joint function and prevent injury.

6. The opportunity to learn more about other areas of wellness.

7. An encouraging atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself as you pro-actively move toward a healthier lifestyle.


Personal Training Fees

1-on-1 Personal Training
10 Session Package: $60 per session (includes GST)
5 Session Package: $65 per session (includes GST)

Group Training

Train with a Friend:
10 sessions: $40/person per session (includes GST)
5 sessions: $45/person per session (includes GST)

Or, get a group together to train
for even more reduced rates.