Level 10 Fitness

Level 10 Fitness

Phone: 604.985.8910
Email: info@level10fitness.ca
Web: http://level10fitness.ca/
Location: 1022 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Location: 110-890 Harbourside Drive, Vancouver
Location: 1325 Keith Road East, Vancouver

Level Ten Fitness Inc. is a full-service health, wellness and professional fitness training centre that provides its users with qualified and knowledgeable trainers to make sure all of the wellness, fitness, rehabilitation, consulting, programming and athletic enhancement needs are met.

Our approach to health and wellness is unique because through comprehensive assessments and interviews we are able to establish what each client wants and compliment that with what they need. We select appropriate exercises which challenge their muscle groups in a specific order to yield superior results. Despite tens of thousands of hours of training and thousands of different clients, we have never had an injury during training.

At Level 10 We Provide:

  • Professional one-on-one training
  • Health and fitness programs,
  • Group training
  • Corporate training
  • Noon hour boot camps
  • Body ball classes
  • Core training classes
  • Group walks/runs
  • Relaxation and visualization sessions
  • Stretch classes
  • Corporate lectures
  • Athletic team training (community, high school, university, club and professional)
  • Elite athletic development
  • Sport specific enhancement
  • Nutritional guidance,
  • Facility design
  • Customized equipment manufacturing

Enjoy the Experience & Achieve Positive Results

Our goal for each session is to ensure the client/team enjoys the experience and achieves positive results. We educate our clientele so they are aware of why an exercise is chosen, how to perform the exercise properly and why it is combined with others in order to achieve their specific needs.

Exceed Your Expectations with Level 10 Fitness

  • We use multi-joint and single arm/leg movements to mimic sport activity
  • We balance the individual with stability (strength) and mobility (flexibility) in every region
  • We strengthen the core from inside-out utilizing a variety of multi-planar movements and equipment
  • We improve anaerobic and aerobic endurance as required by positional (sport) demands through various training techniques specifically designed for each athlete
  • We develop power through Olympic lifting, plyometrics, starts, sprints and medicine ball training
  • We set personal goals with our clients and they achieve them

The combination of these activities with proper rest and specific, periodized programming, creates healthy athletes and improves elite athletes' skills.