L, Viviane - Vancouver Personal Training

L, Viviane - Vancouver Personal Training

Phone: 6043515040
Email: trainer@vancouverpt.com
Web: http://www.vancouverpt.com
Location: 1249 W. Georgia, Vancouver

My name is Viviane and I am a BC Recreational Parks & Association Certified Personal Trainer with 10 years of experience and an extensive background that includes Prenatal & Postnatal Specialist, Arthritis & Osteoporosis, Posture Alignment & Exercise Therapy as well as Sports Balance & Strength Specialist.

I provide personal training, group fitness classes, boot camp and corporate fitness programs in downtown and other areas in Vancouver, BC. I also provide detailed fitness assessments and customized program design for all levels of fitness.

If knowledge is power, I would like to  think that I am empowering every single person I train, so that they can improve their lifestyle. 

I can help you with:  

* Building Stronger Bones & Muscles

* Core Strength & Stability  

* Cardiovascular Training  

* Teen Fitness

* Weight Loss & Maintenance

* Diet & Nutrition

* Neuromuscular Stretching

* Posture Alignment and Balance

* Exercise Therapy & Rehabilitation

* Asthma & Menopause Fitness


In-home, office and gym (no membership required) training available.