Fitness, Coko

Fitness, Coko

Phone: 604 377 5882
Location: Vancouver - Your Place, Your Pace, Vancouver

Coko Fitness, a Vancouver company, offers personal training to individuals in their homes and corporate locations throughout Vancouver.

 Whole-istic Wellness:

Create a balanced lifestyle, strengthen the mind-body connection, eliminate limiting beliefs, cultivate positive behavioural change and condition the physical, mental and emotional state to be strong from the inside, out. Our personal training is multi-dimensional and tailored to each individual's fitness level to ensure that wellness remains with them long after our training together is complete. No matter what shape you are in when you start we provide the coaching, support, tools, and motivation for the wellness journey so that you can live your best.

 Coko Fitness Revitalizes a Healthier You:

Exercising with a personal trainer produces 80% better results, 3x faster, than working out solo! The PowerPlane Total Platform gives results 3x faster than a fully equipped gym. Train smarter by combining PowerPlane with Personal training for maximum efficiency and experience the results first-hand!