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Layer up so you can learn to strip down (don't worry, no nudity).

Pole Dancing offers a complete body workout combining strength training, fat burning and stretching.

Tantra fitness Studio has 6 poles to maximize your pole time for one full hour. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Try our Cardio Striptease Class. The class you can literally take home with you. Your first Cardio Strip Tease class is complimentary. Limit is one per person.

Level 101 Pole Dance classes are structured for women who have never tried Pole Dancing before. Classes are designed to suit any fitness level and body type. It’s great for your body and your love life. Improve balance, coordination and posture.

These classes are designed to get fit and have fun; they are not ‘stripper classes’. For girls in the industry, private lessons are recommended.

Helpful Hints

Bring a water bottle and a towel. (we have a water fountain and towel rental just in case)

wear clothing that is suitable for your class. Pole classes require skin to stick to the pole, shorts and tank tops or sport bra’s are best.

Running shoes are best for Cardio Striptease while bare feet are recommended for pole classes.

Do not apply lotions or oils before attending pole classes as it will be more difficult to grasp onto the pole.

Everyone may feel a little nervous at first but there is absolutely no nudity and you will do only what feels comfortable in a noncompetitive and safe environment.

These classes are designed for fitness and fun, for women in the industry please check Industry Classes

Learn from a Certified Fitness Instructor with 10 years professional Pole Dance experience.

Tammy Morris, also known as Portia, has been a feature entertainer internationally and locally for over 10 years. She has worked in Japan, England, Greece, USA, and Canada. She has won over 20 dance contests including Miss Nude BC, Miss Nude Edmonton, Miss Nude Calgary, Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year, World Exotic Dance Champion, Miss Nude Crazyhorse, and first runner up Miss Nude Canada. You may have seen her acrobatics and contortion at showrooms throughout Vancouver. Tammy is also an actress and has appeared in many movies, television shows and commercials. Some of her credits include Jake 2.0, The Love Trials of Jillian Guess, Blind Date, and Beggars and Choosers. She has choreographed actresses to play exotic dancers for Special Unit 2(tv series) and After School Special(feature film). Tammy has also been a guest on the Howard Stern show and appeared in the February 2004 issue of Playboy. Along with these credentials she is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor, has worked in health clubs, has an extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and has taught private dance lessons for a number of years. With this combination of talents, it seems only fitting that Tammy has opened her own private pole dancing studio. Tammy invites you to come down and find the goddess in you.

"I finally decided to retire after 10 years of dancing. I had a few good years left in me physically but mentally I was done. My body was used to a lot of exercise. After quitting I found it very difficult to keep my figure. I dieted and tried different various forms of exercise. Aerobic classes, weight training, even running didn’t seem to be that effective. Not only was it not working to keep me fit but these were not exercises that I enjoyed. I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to try a training routine similar to the one that I had while I was dancing. I have structured a fitness routine using the moves that resemble the ones I had used in my performances. I have been using this routine for only a short while and can already see my body transforming back to the toned and lean condition that is was in while I was a dancer. It seems the perfect combination of using your own strength to hold your body weight up (pole moves), cardio (dancing), and strength and stretching (floor moves) is what keeps my body in the best shape. If this works for me, I figure it will work for most people. This is why I decided to teach and help other women achieve their fitness goals."


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