Fitness Dictionary
by Justin French








Tendon - A band or cord of strong, fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bone.

Tension potential - A muscle's ability to contract dependent upon its length, or degree of contraction. A muscle can contract more forcefully when it is slightly stretched. Muscle generates maximal concentric tension at a length 1.2 times its resting length. Beyond this length, active tension decreases due to insufficient sarcomere overlap. A muscle tension becomes weaker as it nears complete contraction.

Testosterone - The male hormone primarily responsible for the maintenance of muscle mass and strength induced by heavy training. Testosterone is secondarily responsible for developing such secondary male sex characteristics as a deep voice, body hair, and male pattern baldness.


Training Effect - Increase in functional capacity of muscles as result of increased (overload) placed upon them.

Training Straps - Cotton or leather straps wrapped around wrists, then under and over a bar held by clenched hands to aid in certain lifts (rowing, chin-ups, shrugs, dead lifts, cleans, etc.) where you might lose your grip before working muscle to desired capacity-

Training to Failure - Continuing a set until it is impossible to complete another rep without assistance.

Transverse Plane - A plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. It divides the body crosswise into superior (cranial) and inferior (caudal) portions.

Traps - Abbreviation for trapezius muscles, the largest muscles of the back and neck that draw head backward and rotate scapula.

Triarticulate – A muscle that can move three joints.

Trimming Down - To gain hard muscular appearance by losing body fat.

Tri Sets - Alternating back and forth between 3 exercises until prescribed number of sets is completed.