Fitness Dictionary
by Justin French








Repetition (rep) - The number of times you lift and lower a weight in one set of an exercise. For example, if you lift and lower a weight 10 times before set-ting the weight down, you have completed 10 "reps" in one set.

Rep Out - Repeat the same exercise over and over until you are unable to do any more.

Resistance exercise - Working out with weights or using your body to resist some other force. This includes a wide spectrum of motion, from push-ups to dumbbell curls.

Rest Interval - Pause between sets of an exercise, which allows muscles to recover partially before beginning next set.

Rest Pause Training - Training method where you press out one difficult repetition, then replace bar in stands, then after a 10-20 second rest, do another rep, etc.

Rest period - The amount of time you allow between sets and exercises.

Retraction – Moving posteriorly (eg. Chin in)

Ripped - Slang meaning extreme muscularity.

Roid - Slang for ANABOLIC STEROID.

Rotation - Rotary movement around the longitudinal axis of the bone.

Routine - Also called a training schedule or program, a routine is the total list of exercises, sets, and reps (and sometimes weights) used in one training session.