Nutrition Information

Nutritional Factors of Multiple Sclerosis


The keys to controlling MS are to:
1. Increase intake of nutrients which help the body to suppress auto-immune reactions.
2. Avoid eating foods which contribute to the activation of the immune system against self and the occurrence of auto-immune reactions.

Suppressing the auto-immune reaction:
Notably there are two nutrients which are effective in suppresing the immune system in the central nervous system. These are Vitamin D and Omega- 3 essential fatty acids.

Avoiding activation of auto-immune system:
Foods with the greatest potential to cause auto-immune reactions are dairy, gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley and oats), legumes ( beans) and yeast.

Saturated fat (animal fat) as well as omega- 6 essential fatty acids (vegetable oil) can be problematic and should be avoided.

1. Take 4000 iu of Vitamin D every day
2. Eat fish at least three times per week and use a flax oil supplement
3. Stop eating any foods that contain dairy, gluten, legumes and yeast
4. Stop eating red meat and limit saturated fat intake
5. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil
6. Use skinless chicken breast and fish as protein supply
7. Avoid any foods that cause an allergic reaction
8. Apply suggested supplements to diet.

Supplement Guide, Multiple Sclerosis