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Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer

Team member since
January 2006

Golden B.C.

Experience and Credentials

B.A. Kinesiology
University of Victoria, 2000

Certified Personal Trainer
British Columbia Parks and Recreation

Health and Fitness Writer

I believe in the in the whole-person wellness model, which includes 6 dimensions: physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational intellectual and social. I believe that bodies of all ages benefit from physical activity I believe that regardless of ability, people can embrace a wellness lifestyle. I believe that daily fresh air, pure water, sunshine, life-giving food and movement is essential for health and vitality. I believe in a natural method of healthcare that focuses on the whole person and that healing occurs from within, not from a pill. I believe that our emotions are intricately linked to our body, and negative emotions should be addressed for whole-person wellness to be achieved. I believe that we all prosper when we surround ourselves with, and do business with wholesome, caring people.                            I believe that being active should be fun!

Personal Interests
Weight training, hiking, writing, computers, yoga, photography,                                                                                              mountain biking, rollerblading, dining out