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Kinesiologist, Master Trainer
Mixx owner

Team member since

    Williams Lake, B.C.

Experience and Credentials

    B.Sc. Kinesiology
      Simon Fraser University, 1992

     Medical Exercise Specialist

     Owner and founder
       Mixx Co-Fitness Studio, est. 2005

Fitness shouldn't dominate or consume your life, but rather should be included for the purpose of making the rest of your life more enjoyable and efficient.  It's about balance.  Balance between family, work, play, fitness, etc. Sometimes the balance gets slightly off, as it will for everyone, but good general fitness and a well-designed exercise program will be the cornerstone to lasting health, wellness and productivity.
I believe that time at the gym or on the trails should be fun, focused and effective and a great trainer can make the difference between time spent, and time well spent. This is the basis for my career and my new world-class training facility.

Personal Interests
Strength training, fly-fishing, snowboarding, mountain biking, digital video production, business development, family