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Mixx Co-FitnessTM Studio
The Evolution of Personal Training

"75% of the people who exercise aren't getting the results they want. Of the 25% who do get results, 90% are working with a trainer".

IDEA, International Health & Fitness Organization


COST - three sessions per week with a private trainer at $70/hour will cost almost $900 per month. This leads many training clients to compromise and hire a trainer only once per week. This will still cost around $300/month and requires them to work out on their own somewhere else for the rest of their training sessions.

SCHEDULING - Clients who can justify $900/month for private training typically lead busy lives, and booking strict appointment times can be very difficult. Some training studios and trainers try different systems to reduce this inconvenience to clients, but as long as the client has to make an appointment, the trainer will have to enforce a costly cancellation policy.

Co-FitnessTM is the flexible, affordable solution

As the creators of Co-FitnessTM , our signature membership is a practical and effective alternative, offering all of the benefits of private training and more, without the rigid scheduling and daunting costs. The monthly membership allows our Co-FitnessTM members to arrive when they want, staying as long as they wish, as often as they like, with unlimited access to our expert trainers, and regular assessments to monitor progress. Group training programs like yoga, spinning and bootcamp are also included.

No appointment necessary, at less than half the cost of a private trainer*. Your personal fitness results solution.

In such a personal industry, it's easier when you have someone to give a personal reference. If you are looking on for someone to help you, please watch our video testimonials and let a few of our clients tell you about their experience with us, face-to-face, because we know that nothing is as valuable as a sincere word-of-mouth referral.

Mixx is the only club that has options allowing clients to select the amount of personal attention that is perfect for them. We believe it will be perfect for you. Call us for a complimentary training session, or two, to learn more.

*Based on 3 private training sessions per week”

Mixx-Co Personal Trainers.

Vancouver Personal Trainer - Lachlan James

Lachlan James
Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer

Rob Williams
Kinesiologist, Master Personal Trainer
Joanna Zervas
Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer
Shari Feuz
Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer - Candice Brunham

Dwane Russel
Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Kathy Wieczorek
Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Katie Ziekel
Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Sacha Gingras-Fox
Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer


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