Meghan Callaway - Personal Trainer in Vancouver

Meghan Callaway - Personal Trainer in Vancouver

Meghan Callaway - Personal Trainer in Vancouver



Meghan Callaway – Personal Trainer


• CALL: 778-889-4295
• LOCATION: North Vancouver



• American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
• Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor - Cory Holly Institute
• Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBC; minor in Psychology
• Specializes in weight loss and muscle toning, advanced strength and conditioning, and nutrition advising/programming
• Former Spinning Instructor
• Competitive soccer player for 22 years
• 2007 and 2008 Femsport (strength and fitness competition) 2nd place overall

• Involved in one-on-one training and group training
Offers in person nutrition advising/programming

Offers online personal training and nutrition advising/programming

• Offers both 60 minute and 30 minute personal training sessions
• Client base includes people of all ages, fitness levels, athletic abilities, and backgrounds whose goals might be to:
~ Improve overall health
~ Decrease body fat and/or inches
~ Gain muscle/strength
~ Tone muscles
~ Core strengthening
~ Improve sports specific performance
~ Rehabilitate/prehabilitate injuries
~ Get past a plateau, in terms of results and/or motivation
~ Be challenged, pushed and educated in fun and varied training sessions


• Weight training
• Soccer (has played competitively for over 18 years)
• Rollerblading
• Going to the beach
• Drawing and painting
• Music
• Eating
• My cats


On the importance of being physically fit.
Fitness is an investment that will positively influence all areas of your life. Physical fitness is one vital component of your health. If you neglect your physical fitness, not only will your physical well being be negatively affected, but your emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well being will also take a major hit. Staying active through physical activity is imperative! It is never too late for you to get fit, regardless of your age, current fitness level, and lifestyle!
On my training sessions
I employ a wide variety of training techniques and periodize my clients’ training programs. This helps ensure that they will reach their unique and individual goals, and will continue to progress towards reaching higher goals.
“I will push you to be the best you can be. You will exceed your expectations!”


"Training with Meghan gave me the CORE of my dreams! At 40 I am able to look at myself and feel the confidence I deserve...Meghan is amazingly talented and very educated. She pushed me to my limits with discipline and a LOT OF FUN!!! If you are ready please make the commitment to train with Meghan Callaway!”

Marina Dufort, 40 years old
Film Industry Survivor and
Massage Practitioner

"Don't let Meghan's personable and relaxed demeanor fool you. Before you know it you will be in the middle of the most intense, dynamic and professional training session you can imagine. Each and every workout incorporates new and challenging exercises designed to work your entire body and especially your core. I f you want the most out of yourself and a trainer who can deliver then look no further!"

- Jill and Jonathan Brock

“I've been training with Meghan for more than a year and a half and I'm very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and passion for fitness. My workouts with Meghan are always challenging but fun and I've really seen results. And thanks to her excellent coaching, my own workouts are much more effective. I'd highly recommend Meghan’s services to anyone wanting to take their fitness to another level.”

Gavin Wilson, 50 yrs old

"Training with Meghan was one of the smartest decisions I have made. Her approach to fitness is very scientific and thorough. She incorporates training and healthy yet practical nutritional tips into her program for each individual client, in accordance with their goals. In each training session, along with a vigorous workout, Meghan always provides useful and informative training and eating tips. She made a comprehensive workout schedule for me and updated it with every day of training. I could notice the difference within a few weeks! Definitely something everyone should give a try!"

Shaan Shankar, 21 years old, student