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KB-ONE Kickboxing
Phone: 604.984.0947

Founder and head instructor Mehdi Pouroskoui established KB-ONE in 1997. Sensei Mehdi has over 24 years of martial arts experience, has trained and fought in Thailand, and has 12 years of teaching experience.

The KB-ONE establishment is located in North Vancouver and has been upgraded from 1.400 square feet to 5,000 square feet with 30 feet high ceilings. The club has a full-matted floor with a professional boxing ring. As well, it is equipped with weight training equipment, cardio machines, bags and Thai pads. Focus mitts, hook and upper wall bags, medicine balls, speed ball. Body opponent bags, a pro shop for all your boxing and kickboxing needs, and a juice bar. All this provides a positive, friendly atmosphere with instructors who are always willing to help keep you on track to achieve your goals.

The Kb-ONE style, founded by Kru Mehdi, is for people who like to work hard and gain results. KB-ONE is a unique style of mixed martial arts with exclusive self-defense techniques. The style is very effective for full contact, Muay Thai (Kickboxing) , boxing , and ground fighting competitions. It is great for men, woman and children ranging from 5 years and up.

The academy has developed local and international champions over the years, with certified assistant instructors who have a full knowledge of teaching.

One of the major events that have taken place at KB-ONE is fight nights, which brings out a keen group of competitors of all ages, from amateur to professional. This fun event always has a great turnout of attendees, has available ringside seats, and serves food and refreshments throughout the night.

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