Available on the North Shore for in home training, or at a private studio located at 2471 Marine Dr., West Vancouver.

Phone: 778-847-4348



  • Degree in Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Physiologist Certified
  • STOTT PILATES Certified Mat Instructor
  • Certificate in Gerontology
  • 9 years experience in the Fitness Industry
  • Former competitive Figure Skater and Cross Country Runner


Chrissy Works with people of all ages and fitness abilities.

Goals may include:

  • Starting and Maintaining a regular exercise regime
  • Building Core Strength
  • Increase Mobility, Flexibility, and Stability
  • Increase Strength
  • Learning to Run
  • Increase Confidence and Improve Body Image
  • Add variety to current exercise regime
  • Training for a specific event ie: race, wedding, pre/post natal.
  • Training for a specific activity ie: hiking, biking, swimming etc
  • Increase Energy
  • Pain Management
  • To Have Fun
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Weightloss

    MISSION: To make exercise fun and accessible for all people.

Chrissy offers in home training for comfort and convenience, as well as personal or small group training in her private studio in West Vancouver. For those who enjoy a group atmosphere Chrissy offers a variety of outdoor and indoor fitness classes.

Chrissy combines her love for working with individuals and her passion for physical fitness to inspire each person on their journey to be more fit, experience better health, and an increase in quality of life. Chrissy considers each individual's fitness level, goals, lifestyle, and interests when designing an innovative fitness program that is fun and effective.



Private and Small Group Pilates Lessons

One on One Personal Training

Partner and Small Group Training

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Running and Walking Clinics

Functional Fitness For Seniors

Corporate Fitness Classes

Chrissy's focus is on functional exercises; training your body for your life. She specializes in Pilates as it is a perfect complement to an active lifestyle, by bringing focus to the core body, where all movement originates from. Chrissy teaches Pilates in a way that brings awareness to the body and encourages a healthy lifestyle. She embraces the challenge of Pilates as a discipline, when practicing with her; the stronger you get the more you benefit from the exercises.



Running, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Hiking, Swimming, Cross Country Skiing. She's always up for an adventure and will never turn down a challenge.