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Welcome to ! Vancouver's online fitness community. Fitness Vancouver is the best choice in promotions and marketing for fitness professionals.

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" A co-worker of a friend of mine signed up for MaxFit through the website. Thinking the recommendation had come from my friend, I called to thank him. He told me he hadn’t talked about MaxFit with his co-worker so we went and investigated how he had found out about MaxFit. The answer: through Our advertisement, up less than 24 hours, had yielded its first client. I was impressed. "

~ Michael W Scott - Managing Director of MaxFit Canada Physical Training

" So far, Fitness Vancouver has been one of the most economical methods of advertising. I have spent a couple thousand dollars on newspaper and magazine ads with little or no response. Whereas, the Fitness Vancouver ad brought me an inquiry the first month. "

~ Doug Setter - Owner of 2nd Wind Body Science


About Fitness Vancouver: Fitness Vancouver is a comprehensive fitness resource that offers current and complete information on fitness businesses and professionals in Vancouver, British Columbia. This directory, and information from advertisers, is available to Internet users twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. Internet users can quickly find fitness Vancouver on popular search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google. Visitors to Fitness Vancouver are seeking a range of fitness information, including information on topics such as personal trainers, fitness facilities, events, and retail health and fitness products. Our advertisers benefit from the availability and accessibility of Internet advertising, they benefit from the exposure to a broad market of users seeking fitness information and they benefit from our reasonable advertising packages. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to become part of Vancouver’s online fitness community.


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Why Advertise On ?

The accessibility and availability of information on the Internet makes it an ideal medium to promote your business. Fitness Vancouver provides the accessibility and availability of the Internet to its advertisers. Fitness Vancouver’s web site can easily be accessed through popular search engines. Recently searches of the phrase “Fitness Vancouver” on MSN and Yahoo listed as the number one result. was the fourth search result listed on Google. These high-ranking results increase the accessibility of information on this website. Furthermore, information at is available to Internet users twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. That means that your advertisement never stops working for you. Your ad is always on.

Advertising on the Internet also provides exposure to a broad market of users seeking fitness information. The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate, attracting users many times faster than either television or radio in the past. Approximately 50% of Canadians now use the Internet. Many of these users are young, have an above average income, and are well educated. This is an ideal demographic for fitness advertisers. Advertising on the Internet may also be more effective than television or print ads. Internet users participate in an interactive environment, gathering information rather than receiving it passively, and are therefore more attentive and likely to see your ad.

As the popularity of the Fitness Vancouver web site continues to increase, exposure of your advertisements will also increase. has implemented its own advertising campaign, which will ensure that the web site continues to grow. Advertising includes posters that are displayed in health food stores, recreation centres, libraries and other public places. also reaches new customers through print advertising and sponsorship of fitness events. Still the most effective advertising will be online in the form of links and banners on other fitness related web sites. This comprehensive campaign ensures that more new visitor’s will visit and view your advertisement. already reaches a large audience of health and fitness minded individuals. Visitors are most commonly searching for: Personal trainers, fitness facilities, yoga, pilates and specialty classes, sports supplements and health foods, fitness apparel and accessories, exercise equipment, fitness events, and other health and fitness information. provides an incredible opportunity to reach a broad market of health and fitness minded individuals.


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