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Welcome to Wolfes Self Defence, your number one choice for effective self defence training!

World recognized leaders in effective self defence training for individuals looking to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle, Wolfes Self Defence offers practical skills you can depend on when they have to work and a great way to get in shape. So stop thinking, start training and get the edge you've always wanted.

Dennis Wolfe - Wolfes Self DefenceWhy train with Wolfes?
These days it seems like there is a martial arts school popping up on every corner, here today and gone tomorrow, offering every exotic style under the sun. But when it comes to real and proven training that anyone can learn, Wolfes Self Defence is your only choice. Head Instructor Dennis Wolfe has been teaching effective self defence skills for 25 years and is a world recognized authority, drawing the world's best such as K-1 USA Champion Michael "the BlackSniper" McDonald to call Wolfes home. Dennis can personally deliver the ability to defend yourself and the confidence that comes with this invaluable training.

What we teach.
A different kind of training, to put it simply. We teach what works. Not flashy, just effective. An official training center for Modern Defendo, Wolfes has earned a reputation for superior instruction in all areas of training including boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and street self defence based on the real world professional experience of the most highly trained police, military, martial arts instructors and professional fighters. If you face it in the street, we cover it in the class.

Where we train

Wolfes modern 2700 square foot facility is among the best equipped anywhere with 1400sq ft of matted floor, training ring, heavy bags, speed bags, focus pads, kicking shields free weights, fitness equipment and much more. Our open layout and flexible schedule allows students to make the most of their valuable training time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and our Pro Shop can take care of all you personal equipment needs. Drop in today and see for yourself why Wolfes Self Defence is your number one choice for effective self defence and fitness training.

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For further information on any of our programs, please feel free to contact us any time.

604-904-9653 (904-WOLF)

In person at 101 Bowser Ave., North Vancouver. (Entrance on West 1st Street.)

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