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Outdoor TrainingMaxFit Canada Physical Training is a total outdoor fitness program held in Vancouver’s great outdoors. We deliver one-hour long, instructor-led, group fitness classes up to three times daily in Downtown Vancouver and Kitsilano-area parks. Our workouts combine comprehensive physical training exercises including push-ups, sit-ups, and other traditional calisthenics with good old-fashioned cardio training. The combination delivers a well-rounded and healthy workout and in which members see better results than they ever imagined,
regardless of their fitness level.

Vancouver Outdoor TrainingMaxFit replaces the gym and provides you with an on-going and effective exercise regimen, not a quick fix. We offer…

• Instructor – led Classes
• Comprehensive Physical Training
• Group Motivation
• Calisthenics & Cardio
• Convenient & Cost Effective Program

MaxFit is the perfect alternative to the gym. Why? For starters, the location changes from day to day providing variety to the scenery and terrain. It is outside all year round, challenging members to overcome the elements and providing them with a sense of accomplishment simply not available from an indoor workout. MaxFit is group fitness meaning members sweat it out side by side with other members, motivating each other to performance levels not possible had they worked out alone. Finally, it is the best value for your buck! Since the classes are instructor-led, they are designed to provide a complete and safe workout. Members see results and see them quickly. You get the attention of having a full-time trainer without paying for one.

Currently, there are 15 classes per week to choose from at time slots ranging from early morning to the evening. Check our web site for schedules, locations and memberships costs.

New members can try us out for two weeks ($39 plus GST) or 90 days ($199 plus GST/person or $349 plus GST/two people).

Micheal Scott, Managing Director
MaxFit Canada Physical Training