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Dead Lifts


Starting position: Bent forward at the waist with arms straight towards the floor. Maintain a curve in the lower back and a slight bend in the knees.

Movement: Extend upwards from the waist without locking your knees.



Dead Lifts are considered on of the best overall weight lifting exercises. Dead Lifts, when performed properly, strengthen the lower back, hamstrings, Gluteals and Calves. Deadlifts are often executed with very heavy weight for 1-6 reps as a powerlifting movement, but are gaining popularity as an important exercise for all users and rep ranges.


Muscles involved on the Dead Lift Exercise:

Calves - The posterior muscles of the leg, the Gastrocnemius muscle, the Soleus muscle and Popliteus.

Hamstrings - The posterior muscles of the thigh which include the Bicep Femoris, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus.

Butt - The posterior hip muscles, the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus medius and Gluteus minimus muscle.

Lower Back - Sacrus-spinosus, Spinosus, Transversi-spinosus and Interspinalis lumborum.


Tips and Notes for the Dead Lift:

-Always maintain a natural arch in the lower back. This means a slight extension in the lumbar and lower thoracic vertabrae. This is important to prevent strain on the muscles of the lower back.

- Even during the 'stiff legged' Dead Lift keep a slight bend in the knees to protect the ligaments from being overtsretched.

- Before performing the Dead Lift, do a couple slow reps with little or no weight to determine your range of motion. Often, lifters will excede their current limit of flexibility, causeing injury to the connective tissue.

- Remember, chest up, butt out. Keep your eyes forward, this will help you prevent rolling forward through the back and shoulders.


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