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Wide Grip Chin-Up

Chin-ups are a great exercise for the Lats, biceps and mid back. A standard chin-up is performed with the palms inwards or supinated. A more advanced variation is the wide grip chin up. When performing chin-ups, make sure not to swing or jerk as momentum will make the exercise less efficient and promotes injury. During the chin-up, the lats, teres major, rear delt and traps contract to bring the arms down (or body up). The biceps contract to bend the elbow. The lats are the largest muscles of the upper body and the most powerful movers of the shoulder joint. Over developed lats muscles can have ahuge negative impact on the integrity of the shoulder and spinal joints. An easy way to check the flexibility of your lats is to stans with your arms hanging at your sides. If your hands naturally face inwards toward your body, you're doing well. If your hands are more than slightly turned inwards and to the back of the room, your lats are too tight. Lay off the chins and and simply hang from the bar for 30sec-1min to stretch out.

Starting position: Grasp the overhead bar with hands wider than shoulder width. Hang from the bar with tension in your elbow and shoulder joints.

Movement: Pull your body up with a clean, controlled movement until your chin clears the bar. Lower slowly to starting position



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